Product Details

SE Automatic water-base oil and UV oil coating machine

Machine Function and Structure

SE series UV oil coating machine which is suitable for the varnishing and polishing process of various paper

(80-600g/m²),machine for water-based oil, UV oil and blister varnish oil coating, after processing the print

surface has the damp-proof and water-proof effects. Machine adopts the reversing mechanism to make the

oil layer smooth and fine, save varnish oil and meets the high quality requirements.

SE model adopts air knife system which controlled by memory type PLC. It has the characteristics of beautiful

appearance, stable and reliable performance, simple and convenient operation and high automation degree.

Water base oil, UV oil, blister varnish oil, plastic oil, soft touch oil.

High Speed Feeder

4 suckers for lifting paper and 4 suckers for conveying paper to ensure stable and fast paper feeding.

Max. feeding speed 12,000 sheets/h


Three-roll reversal speed regulator head ensures water-base polishing effect and no stripe printing. 

Measuring roll is driven by a separate motor to ensure even glue loading.(oil coating roller dia. 185mm)

Infrared Drying and Ultraviolet Drying

18pcs Infrared Light Tube

3pcs Ultraviolet Light Tube

Cooling Fan:

Automatic Collector Unit