Our culture


Operators should be born for their mission,Have an ability of change, pursue ideals.
Industry is the past, customers are the future, devote every effort to develop operate with customer-centric.
The future exists in daily enrichment job, Seriously dealing with every problem at present, lead to the ideal way.
As a provider of goods and services, Manufacure have to produce goods what we really think is good quality and create enterprises what we really think is excellent.

Technology R&D Department:

Establish high and strict standard, Persist in pursuing technological reform and innovation. Measure our work by customers’ truly satisfy.

Sales man:

Customers’ needs is the pursuit of enterprises. We should stand on the customer's point of view, measuring our work with the most critical eye, achieving the maximize benefits for customers.
Match words with action and consistent, Building mutual trust together.
Persistently pursue the ultimate results to achieve win-win cooperation.

Whole JIALITE person:

Expectation, Self-improvement, Self-management. The more you pursue, the more you will get opportunities and value of existence.
Sharing goals, Individual Responsibility. Changing common sense, Changing the world.