Product Details

FM-M Semi Automatic Vertical Lamination Machine

Machine Function

FM-M Manual Vertical High-precision and multi-duty laminator as a professional equipment used for plastic 

film laminating on the surface of paper printer matter.

Water-based gluing (waterborne polyurethane adhesive) dry laminating. 

(water-based glue, oil-based glue, non-glue film)

Thermal laminating (Pre-coated /thermal film)


Manual Feeding Plate Unit

Manual paper feeding, side baffle bar movable, which ensure the accuracy (≤±3mm ) of paper feeding, feeding 

speed according to worker’s experience, less than 30m/min.

Laminating Unit

Machine with Dia. 600mm drying roller and auxiliary oven for fast drying. Pressing heating roller with the 

electromagnetic heating system.

Flying Knife Cutting Unit

Using the flying knife device, easy operation. Ensure paper above 105g could be easy cut and break. Cutting 

machine with thin blade anti-curl device. Could adjustment the thin paper appears the phenomenon of curl 

when they are cutting. Cutting machine adopts frequency control and host synchronous adjustment function 

with the laminating machine.

Paper Collecting Plate Unit