Product Details

NFY-B1080 Automatic Thermal Laminating Machine

NFY-1080B designed for processing of Decro Paper-Film glueless Lamination Film. Widely used in mounted plastic of textbooks, books, calendars, cards, product samples, packaging cartons and. It’s ideal equipment for print factories, packaging decoration, beauty print factories and professional plastic factories which can improve printing quality and reduce the process cost. Chain blade cutting type laminating machine(Optional) specifically for thin paper which laminated for PET, PVC, as well as other film slitting.

High speed Feeder, 12000 sheets/, 4 suckers for lifting and 4 suckers for conveying structure.
customize corrugated stainless steel plate match with the paper pressing holder auxiliary paper feeding, paper transport stable.

1.The conveying table adopts customized stainless steel corrugated board
2.The brush wheel and rubber pressing wheel move smoothly
3.Servo motor overlap, improve accuracy of lap, error≤±2mm

Touch screen control board, The Internet of things, long remote control.
Heating roll with Chromium treatment,  Electromagnetic heating system, Temperature sensor inner, Intelligent constant temperature system.
Side gauge, overlap controlled by servo motor, accuracy ≤±2mm.
Rubber pressure roll automatic pressurization;
Paper miss detection, Automatic lubrication & cooling.
Driver Chain KMC-Taiwan.

Round knife suitable for BOPP film.
Sand belt break film device for different processing. 
Bounce roller anti paper curling.

Non stop delivery;
Photoelectric induction paper board fall;
Automatic collect paper, can be directly into the automatic die cutting or automatic stamping machine working;
Sheet counter;