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FM-E Automatic lamination machine with Powder remover

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Machine Function and Structure

FM-E fully Automatic Vertical High-precision and multi-duty laminator as a professional equipment used for 

plastic film laminating on the surface of paper printer matter.

Water-based gluing (waterborne polyurethane adhesive) dry laminating.

(water-based glue, oil-based glue, non-glue film)

Thermal laminating (Pre-coated /thermal film)

Film: OPP, PET, PVC, METALIC, etc.

High Speed Non-stop Feeder

4 suckers for lifting paper and 4 suckers for conveying paper to ensure stable and fast paper feeding.

Max. feeding speed 12,000 sheets/h.

Dust Remover Device

Special designed to clean the excess powder following from printing. This machine has two station, Brush 

Sweeping and Heat Calendaring. First, by two Brush Rollers slightly sweep on the sheet surface and 

vacuum off the powder. Second, use Heat Calendaring Roller removes the remaining powder from 

both sides of the sheet.

Laminating Unit

E model with large Dia. 800mm of the dry roller and auxiliary oven for fast dryer.

Electromagnetic heating system

Laminating unit drive chain adopt from Taiwan.

Glue coating and glue measuring roller with thickness Chromium plating treatment

Chain Knife

Cutting mechanism 1: round knife mechanism.

Round knife cutting can be applied to more than 100 grams paper, production of 100 grams paper need 

to appropriate reduce speed. Make sure paper flat after cutting. The fly off knife with 4 blades, bidirectional 

rotation, speed synchronization with main machine, also can adjust the speed ratio. With the guide wheel s

tructure, solve the problem of film edge.

Non-Stop Collector Unit

The non-stop automatic paper collecting machine of the laminating machine has the function of collecting 

paper without shutdown; the collecting size is matched with the paper feeder.