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NFM-HP1080 Full Automatic Conveying Vertical Laminating Machine

NFM-HP Fully automatic conveying vertical High-precision and multi-duty laminating machine as a professional equipment used for plastic film laminating on the surface of paper printed matter, This machine was first published on the 10th Beijing International Printing and technology exhibition, machine with conveying device, front can be connected to printing machine, rear can be connected to automatic die-cutting machine.

1.Servo Motor Feeder, 4 suckers for lifting and 4 suckers for conveying structure. Max Speed 12000 sheets/h
2.The paper feeding table has upper and lower over-limit protection
3.Non-stop paper feeding, trays are fed from the line conveyor platform to the bottom of the feeder,The main table will rise automatically, when the main table rises to a certain height, the servo motor's control of the sub-table insert rod automatically extends to catch the main table paper pile, the tray on the main table automatically descends to the horizontal surface with the main table, and through the servo control system by the assembly line conveyor platform automatically runs to the automatic paper receiving part.
4.The height of non-stop feeding can reach 2460mm, pre-stacking device, non-stop feeding
5.Intelligent adjustment of front and rear positions of Feeder, just input product data on the control panel
1.The conveying table adopts customized stainless steel corrugated board
2.The brush wheel and rubber pressing wheel move smoothly
3.Servo motor overlap, improve accuracy of lap, error≤±2mm

1.Glue roller and metering roller are driven by dual independent motors, making adjustment more convenient
2.Drying roller diameter increased to 800mm, using electromagnetic heating system.
3.The heating press roller adopts a segmented heating system, efficient and energy-saving
4.Max pressure of press roller is 12T
5.Gluing system Teflon process treatment, easy to clean and non-sticky

1.The paper cutter is equipped with a tension controller and an anti-curl device to ensure that the paper is flat and not curled.
2.The paper cutting part contains grinding wheel, disc knife and chain knife for slitting, meeting customers' requirements for slitting films of different materials
3.The bounce roller is controlled by an independent motor, and the paper can be separated by using the speed difference
4.Hot knife low pressure direct heating and slitting without tail film, detecting paper thickness and slitting, accurate and efficient

1. The non-stop collector height can reach 2280mm. Using automatic board changing device, no manual intervention, higher efficiency. When the tray is collected to a certain height, the stainless steel change plate controlled by the reducer motor will automatically extend to catch the paper, and the paper and tray on the main table will automatically drop down to the horizontal surface and then automatically run to the left rail of the collector, which can be connected to the next process, while the tray running from the feeder to the right side of the collector will automatically be transported to the main collector table and automatically rise to a certain height, and the stainless steel change plate will automatically return to complete the automatic paper change.
2.Adopt pneumatic paper sorting structure to ensure the neatness of the paper and facilitate the next process
3.with a reduction wheel to prevent the paper from being damaged due to too fast hitting the baffle
4.Counting electric eye, the number of running paper is displayed on the display screen at the take-up machine, which can be cleared and accumulated
5.Induction electric eye, sensing the length of the paper, if the length of the paper changes, the belt will accelerate, and the baffle of the take-up machine will overturn and lift the paper