Product Details

FY-A Automatic thermal laminating machine

Machine Function and Structure

FY series pre-coat glue automatic thermal laminating machine as a professional equipment used for plastic film

laminating on the surface of paper printed matter. Widely applicable for laminating in advertising poster, Picture

books and magazine, display book, color paper box, calendars, and commercial cards fields, Improving the 

printing matter grades, and achieve the purpose of dustproof, waterproof, oil proof. 

Thermal laminating (Pre-coated /thermal film)


① Automatic Paper Feeding Part 

The automatic paper feeding part has the function of paper pre-piling and paper feeding continuously to 

guarantee laminating process continuous and stable, Non-stop paper sheet feeding and collecting, save 

time and improve productivity. Feeder for high speed printing machine which has stable paper feed and 

accurate and simple operation. 

② Laminator Part and Edge Landing Part

The steel hot-press steel roller (Dia.380mm) adopts electromagnetic heating system, electromagnetic 

heating cover is installed on the top of the steel roll, Rapid heating, energy saving and environmental 

protection. Side guide make sure the paper on the same line, automatic overlap device. The paper edge 

lap device controlled by servo motor independent, that accuracy of up to ≤ ±2mm.

③ Cutting and Collecting

Cutting part with round (fly) knife device, easy adjustment. It can make sure effective cutting for paper 

more than 105g/m². Cutter with the anti-roll device, it could be appropriate to improve the curl 

phenomenon when the thin paper to be pull-breaking. The cutter adopts variable frequency speed 

control which could able to synchronize with the laminator unit part.

④ Paper Collecting Part 

The automatic paper collecting part has the function of collecting paper without shutdown, the collector

size is matched with the paper feeder.