laminating machine which forms of several kinds of coating

 Tuesday, 23 April 2019

Fine, company specializing in the production of compound film machine, automatic compound film machine, polishing machine, automatic polishing machine, no plastic fumo machine, etc, because of the focus on the many years, has accumulated some experience, said below small make up and everyone said to what form of coating membrane machine? Main is reversing drum, recessed, no scraper glue directly and have direct glue scraper, etc.
1, recessed glue. Engraved with checkered by a surface of the metal rubber roller and a set of film division roll, glue spreader directly immersed glue solution, along with the rotation of the roller from the glue tank will glue solution out of the storage, the scraper scrape off the excess glue roller surface fluid. Under the effect of pressure film roll, the roll of adhesive in the groove of the fluid driven by directional movement for coating film and evenly apply xu on the membrane surface. Can be adjusted through the coating roller surface grid checkered, adhesive property values and squeeze film roller pressure value to control the amount of glue. Recessed coating has the advantage that can accurately control the glue, coating evenly; But anilox roll processing difficulties, easily damaged, need often clean, in addition is required for adhesive coating is higher.
2, reversing drum coating. The indirect glue, that our models using one of the most.. For rubber roller out of the glue solution from the glue tank storage, scraping rubber roller, a rubber sheet excess glue solution can be scraped back glue tank storage. Laminating machine film will stay back pressure roller coating film pressure to the uniform adhesive glue roller surface, and maintain a certain contact area, under pressure and adhesive force is constantly coating adhesive solution on the surface film. Glue quantity can be regulated by scraping rubber roller and glue roller, rubber roller and the distance between the rubber sheet to change.
3, no scraper roller extrusion coating. Glue spreader directly into liquid glue, coating, coating roll out after divide evenly rubber roller and rubber adhesive solution, pressure on membrane between the roller and glue roller extrusion coating.
The above is only for your reference, welcome to for more details

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