Product Details

FY-M Semi-Automatic Thermal Film Laminating Machine


Semi-automatic pre coating laminating machine, the composite processing of paper and pre coating film. This Machine structure is reasonable and easy operation.

Function Introduction of Each Part

1.Paper Feeding Workbench

The workbench adopts rubber conveying belt transmission, paper feeding way adopt continuous overlap. Workbench with one positioning strip which is used for paper side positioning.

2.Hot-Press Roller

The hot press roller adopts six sets of stainless steel U-type heating pipes for heating, the power of each set is 2KW. The inside of the hot roller is filled with 320# conduction oil for heating, the temperature measurer is installed in the shank of the hot roller, the hot roller surface temperature is provided with the electronic regulator for automatic measurement and control.

3.Paper Collect Rolling Part   

The paper collect rolling part one is has the single-station rolling and double-station collect rolling for selection.

The double-station rolling has two rolling shafts capable of rolling without stop, it is suitable for thin paper laminating.

The single-station rolling drives the rolling shaft by its mainframe, when processing thick paper, it can be cut directly by labor, it is suitable for thick paper laminating.

4.Cutting Part

Cutting part with round (fly) knife device (Independent research and development by our factory), easy adjustment. it is an optional device.