What are the skills and quality glazing machine demand

 Tuesday, 23 April 2019

1) the glazing machine skill requirements
Machine operation should be smooth, transmission system operation is normal, no abnormal noise; Operator adjustable, reliable and actuators correct action harmony, no jam and spontaneous movement; Smooth system oil; Glazing coating layer should level off, there should be no crease, breakage, spot, the drum, foaming and significant streaks, glazing layer, inviscid bad appearance; Print gloss coating layer of the difference is not greater than the numerical rules in the table above; Active glazing machine operation noise may not be greater than 85 db (A), the semi-active glazing machine operation noise may not be greater than 80 db (A); Safety protective equipment shall be completely reliable and exhaust gas equipment.
2) on the optical air quality requirements
Short of power circuit and maintenance (including frame) insulation resistance between wire should not be less than 1 m Ω; Any exposed conductor outer conductor terminal maintenance and electrical equipment parts and resistance is not greater than 0.1 Ω between fuselage shell; Electrical equipment is necessary to fill 1 min pressure experiment, the experiment voltage is 1500 v, shall be no breakdown or flashover.
3) the experimental methods of polishing machine
Machine''s empty operation experiment, needs polishing host each commodity is necessary, the experiment of 120 min or empty, meantime high-speed operation should be 15 min or higher.
4) glazing machine bearing operating temperature test
Empty operation after the experiment, use a little thermometer measurement of bearing operating temperature, should be 35 ℃ or less;
The primary shaft, roller glazing machine the parallelism between the radial circular runout test and homework appearance;
Empty machine operation after the experiment, measuring feeler and dial indicator measurement in the polishing machine, coating, embossing roll (line), such as the spindle, the parallelism between the roller and the primary radial shaft, roller homework looks round beating, the test values should agree with the corresponding rules in the table above.
5) the noise of the glazing machine testGlazing machine at top speed, when empty, with average sound level meter measurement machine noise, microphone 1.5 m high from ground, away from the machine outside near the middle of 1 m, total measurement at four o ''clock, the arithmetic mean value shall be the: active glazing machine operation noise may not be greater than 85 db (A); The semi-active glazing machine operation shall not be greater than 80 db (A) noise.

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