polishing machine polishing effect is mainly made up of what the system

 Tuesday, 23 April 2019

Glazing machine can effectively enhance the appearance of the print effect, make the printing texture more thick, more bright color, improve the effect of print gloss and art, have the effect of beautification, make the product more attractive, and strengthen the desire of consumers. So as the market needs to automatic polishing machine is also should be market''s needs. Jia, mechanical professional polishing machine, compound machine equipment research and development and production and sales, to better serve customers, we are also constantly improve technology, to share with you the below jia, glazing machine light effect is good, by which several system device is mainly caused by:
1, the polishing head and conveyer belt are individually controlled adopts stepless speed regulating motor.
2, bake, adopt the infrared drying and cooling fan, sixty percent energy saving than traditional red line to dry.
3 baked road, the main body of the product market extended 2 meters, increase the speed of the machine polishing.
4, electronic constant temperature device
5, special rubber roller polishing and durable stability, suitable for a variety of polishing oil, light oil, blister oil, vacuum oil, such as oil, uniform polishing effect.
6, coating glazing adopt direct form, the operation is simple, fast and efficient.
7, base, wall panels are made of cast iron structure, never deformation. Fort is in the process of using and maintenance when the replacement parts will not affect its structure and precision.
Glazing the cardboard thickness up to 20 mm ranks (customer requirements)
Optional automatic feeding, automatic paper machine automation.
Therefore, good polishing machine quality is need good equipment to do the strong backing. Welcome new and old clients to visit our company to negotiate!

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